The 1st Symposium on Fragile X and Autism in Colombia, organized by SPK Foundation, the MIND Institute and the Human Genetics Master's of the Universidad Nacional, will be held in November 2013 in Bogota and will include the participation of 10 international experts in the research and treatment of these conditions.

The mission of the 1st International
Symposium on Fragile X and Autism in Colombia is:

1. To mitigate the negative impact of misinformation about Autism and Fragile X Syndrome.

2. Train medical personnel in the country on discoveries and current treatments for Fragile X.

3. Provide information to families about Fragile X, Autism and other neurological disorders and guide them to get the correct diagnosis.


-Randi Hagerman, Medical Director of the MIND Institute.

-Flora Tassone, Research Biochemist at the University of California.

-Louis Gane, Genetics
Counselor of the MIND Institute.

-Maria Diez, Psychologist of Sant Joan Deu Hospital- Barcelona, Spain.

-Raymundo Lozano, Pediatric Geneticist of the MIND Institute.

- Luis Carvajal, Experto en Genomics del MIND Institute.

-Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, Psychiatrist of the MIND Institute.

-Biofactory Presentation from Singapure.

The 1st International
Symposium on Fragile X and Autism in Colombia will be aimed at medical professionals and academics and will offer educational talks to previously registered families.

For contributions please go to:

Or call Sergio Villada at 954-993-3252 

For more information write an email to xfragilcolombia@gmail.com